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My family and I had an inspection appointment at a house which is over 1 million dollars. As my sister and her family visited this house few times, it was my first time at the house. While I was standing inside the house, an agent name JEFF HOLMERS walked into the house with angry face and upset attitude. He did not say hi to me, just told me that he was an agent and started to rise his voice and complained about my nephews who were only 5 and 6... Read more

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I've recently encountered some harsh and nasty tweets from one of your receptionist at your porter ranch location. She insulted another user and told her that her grandma had no reason to cry over not knowing English because she should know English that if she is going to be in america to "learn the *** language" and not cry. She also tweeted how she repeatly pretended not to know Spanish to your costumers because they should learn English! I... Read more

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I have gotten unsolicited calls from these jerks, who obviously disregard the Do Not Call list. These calls are illegal. Anyone thinking about doing business with this outfit should consider that they are unethical in their sales practices, violating the law regarding marketing calls. Someone in my neighborhood sold a house, and this company thinks it has the right to blanket the area with unwanted calls. I have never done business with... Read more

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My wife and I dropped in to see an open house on Sunday afternoon (10/9/16) in the West Chase area of Tampa (11817 Lancashire Drive). Upon entering, the agent handed me a flyer and said to ask if I had any questions. That was it. That may have been enough, but it seemed cold and like he was not concerned at all about us. A little later my wife and I walked up to the kitchen counter to ask a question. I stuck my hand out, he shook it, but ignored... Read more

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Eric Stenstrom did a terrible job representing the contract we had. He deciptivly worked my ex husband against me telling me that my ex would not agree too my wishes on counter offers. According, to my ex Eric told him that I agreed to counter offers and came back to me telling me my ex wouldn't agree to my wishes. Which I found out later. He also changed terms on paper documents after we signed them putting them in electronic form. ... Read more

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Paul Durlin is the worst realtor i have ever known. Very rude! Very unproffessional! The buyers backed out because of his unproffessionalism and treated me unethically. He should have his license taken away

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i was charged a 6 % commission on a list price after a 12 k dollar difference in between the list price & sale price i do not mind paying a commission on the price that i sell a property for ,whats the point of having a percentage based system if the agent is not going to fight for the best sale price because he will get his amount no matter what the property will sell for ? even if its in the fine print i feel that it is unethical for the... Read more

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I was looking to purchase a foreclosure property and went to meet Wendy Wendelstein Dormer who works at Keller Williams Westlake Village. She explained me all the details of how to make a great deal size, location, condition, floor plan, etc. I met with a local expert agent who knows local property, pricing, lenders, and the best listing agents. A strong listing agent was said to me about which can be a critical advantage in seeing a distressed... Read more

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Keller Williams Realty Home Buying Review from Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Kari McMurray was very nice and attentive when we began out of state house hunting process. Kari's ability to rope us in, and trust her was so out of the norm, that my husband and I have now questioned our judgement. It's not easy moving from one area to the next, especially if your military. We entrusted Kari to be our eyes and ears on the ground, as we were not able to look at houses. She was very reassuring when we found our house. She... Read more

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I purchased a home from Keller Williams Westlake Village, with warranty. Paid $600 for a year. A/C part broke a month later and they agreed to pay for the work to be done. I called to check on the reimbursement check and they decided they were only going to pay a fraction of what they promised. After hours of time on the phone and repeated phone calls, they finally agreed to pay the amount. I called on 08/16/16 to check on the status and they... Read more

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