Tucker, Georgia
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Things started out badly at the outset and only got worse. Had this RE agent any respect for customers at all, she'd know I found a lender and am under contract for a million dollar property, all I need now is my buyer rep.

Her abysmal lack of attention and care just cost her and her branch $49, 000, as it should be.

100% of the work to 1) find a property, and 2) secure financing, was done by me. No one helped. I specifically said MULTIFAMILY, she sent 3 commercial stand alones in a place I specifically said (twice) I was NOT looking. It's the only report I ever got, even after asking AGAIN for multifamily properties.

We began working together over 2 weeks ago, on May 15.

She devoted less than 20 minutes to me in that time. Even costing her branch isn't enough to make her care about anyone enough to show it, if it in fact exists. She claims an inability to find PM lenders after numerous searches turned up none.

I found 7 in 2 hours. One is funding my loan.

Agents may think they can skip the work, sit at my closing table and collect an easy $49k for doing absolutely squat. But I'll represent myself from now until Gabriel puckers up and blows his horn, before this behavior gets a penny on any deal of mine.

She even contacted me after I asked her not to. Talk about breach of duty! WoW.

I trust I've made my point. Rather, she made it for me.


Product or Service Mentioned: Keller Williams Realty Realtor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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