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Update by user Jul 25, 2011

BTW-JD POWERS is the one KW is using as a \"measure\" and for 2010 (2011 is not over) Century 21 and Caldwell beat them..hahahaha

HOW ABOUT SALES FIGURES???? No..that would be..wait for it...be based on SALES not JD Powers...\"satisfaction\" which if they had interviewed me and about a million others who are SICK TO DEATH OF HARASSMENT FROM KW would say otherwise.

In fact.I will write a letter to the government detailing how they harass the *** out of me with their messages as proof. That should be awesome and reporting them to the BBB for being pushy and violating my FSBO rights as a consumer...

Nice try...But some of us read...and no matter how aggressive you are...you still suck with me and most other people who do not want to deal with your company..so


I would hire Century 21 before these losers...they are the most trusted and have been as long as anyone knows..because they are not a \"fly by the seat of the pants\" company.

Here in order is who I would use..IF I LISTED WHICH I WON\'T.

1. Century 21

2. Remax


Update by user Jul 25, 2011

Sorry to have to keep updating folks but Keller Williams CONTINUES TO PROVE MY POINT ABOUT HARASSMENT OF PEOPLE BY TROLLING MY SITE.




That is okay because I am having an IP trace done to prove my case IN COURT THAT THEY NEVER STOP HARASSING ME. All of these people who posted if they are in a KW office will be added to the government complaint as proof of 5 DIFFERENT FORMS OF NONSTOP HARASSMENT.


Update by user Jul 25, 2011

UPDATE: To make this situation even more hilarious for KW..they cannot get business so they have OTHER OFFICES CALL YOU as if you do not realize it is part of their \"solicit the FSBO plan\" the corporate office trains their staff with..


so they harass FSBO seller\'s so they will scare them away..


It is called a real estate LAWYER and a LOCAL TITLE COMPANY..


All this company does is PROVE AGAIN THE REASON THEY ARE NUMBER 3 in the market! They bug people over and over instead of SELL HOUSES !!!!


Wait...??? Troll? Who has to troll for business when if you are GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO PEOPLE COME TO YOU!

Maybe that is why some real estate companies are number one and other companies are number 3 and down the list???? HMMMMMM

BTW my favorite strategy of new agents is this..POSE AS A FAKE BUYER AND FEIGN INTEREST IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!

We have a growing list of insane behavior from KW and all of the agents who have called us and left messages so we can send it to the government and show how they behave! AWESOME!

Original review posted by user Mar 28, 2011

I listed my house by myself. I am advertising and promoting my house and am a FSBO and then the calls started. Always Keller Williams. No other real estate agency has attempted to solicit me to sell my house through them as of yet. (This should be a good indicator that other agencies respect the fact people who are selling for sale by owner have rights too as well as the fact they have a different company ethos.)

I received calls from offices from out of my area even, leaving messages on my voicemail, calling me saying "we have interested buyers in [you area] without stating what "my area" is or my name.

I am on the do not call registry. They ignore that. I am on sites that are on the do not call registry. They ignore that. These are facts..not pointless rambling.

If I ever were to do business with any real estate company it WOULD NEVER BE THIS ONE.

If they are this aggressive to meet their quotas and cold calls could you even imagine dealing with them selling your home? I could not.

So the fact of the matter is that I was told over the phone that KW has a program where they, "actively seek to recruit FSBO sellers and to meet quotas." 3-28-2011 statement made to me.

If ANYONE from KW thinks that a seller who paid to sell their home themselves would switch to a company who calls up to 3 times a day from different offices...they are sadly misinformed.

I WOULD NEVER do business with anyone who behaves in the manner with which this company has let alone list my property with them.

I called the HQ and they told me or assumed the following:

1. Who the CEO is

2. I should talk to the regional manager (whatever that means)

3. Assumed I wanted to waste MORE of my time dealing with their behavior

4. That they cannot look bad to potential consumers with their aggressive behavior.

I am glad that the other two local agencies have the decency and common sense to not behave in this manner and clearly set a higher standard of behavior for their company and employees by respecting clear boundaries.

I hope KW can learn from the other agencies on what respect and boundaries are.

In Disgust,

NEVER a potential consumer of Keller Williams For Life

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2018 and Keller Williams is STILL doing this! I put my condo up for sale FSBO on Zillow one week ago and I've had about 25+ Keller Williams agents trolling me.

Some are so obnoxious that I have to hang up on them because they won't take NO for an answer. I have extensive real estate experience, being an attorney that has done many hundreds of real estate closings, land contracts, lease agreements, etc. Additionally, I used to represent a real estate developer and obtained my RE license while working for him. I'm in a really hot area and selling a very moderately priced condo that will be in high demand.

I'm in no rush to sell and may just wait until springtime. These KW agents aren't contacting me with buyers - only agents doing that are from other companies. KW agents only want to take the easy way out and list. Google search online Keller Williams and FSBO - there are scripts for their agents on prospecting FSBO's.

One big thing they do is pretend to have a buyer and say they want to come by and see your place - "preview" it first. Once they are in your house they will try to convince you to list with them. Don't fall for it. I have friends who are RE agents in other states / farther away in my state and they tell me how dishonest the vast majority of RE agents are - cut throat and liars only out for themselves.

With every experience I have had with a RE agent on selling my parents multiple properties post death plus selling one of my own they tried ripping me / my family off. I caught them each time. One agent was a "friend of a friend" and she tried convincing me my property worth 15% less than what it was. When I told her if her estimate correct that I would sell by owner since I invested so much in the property I want to do better than break even.

She was furious - sent me a bunch of expletive laden, angry text messages. I could have reported her to the RE board and would have if we didn't know people in common. I put my property up FSBO and got CASH offers for 20% more than that lying wench claimed my property worth. Like any profession there are good and bad apples.

Commission based jobs bring out the worst in people - I've worked in them and seen it first hand.

Some people should not sell FSBO. But those that want to should not have to deal with being harassed by Keller Williams agents wasting their time and pretending to have buyers.


I listed our house FSBO. It sold for $10K over asking price.

Cash buyer. The house was SOLD within 9 days of me listing it and new owners were in the home 21 days later.

BAM! No annoying agent needed.Fast forward three years and these leeches are still harassing us on a near daily basis.


Guys, simply put your number on the Do-Not-Call Registry and the real estate agents WILL NOT call you. In fact, its one of the many rules and regulations that are taught to every real estate agent.

You need to realize that what everyone is saying is true. Real estate agents are independent contractors and need to get their name out there for business. If there are no houses to be sold, there are no realtors.

What is the point of a realtor?

They market, advertise, and sell your house using their own time and money. Staging, mileage, and time is all effort that they put in to sell your house.

You can do it, but if you simply do not have the time to put into constantly looking for buyers, showing houses, as well as making sure all the legal documents, processes, and the money is taken cared of then a real estate agent is there to do it.

They are trained professionals that deal with transactions, and yes, selling a house is a huge deal.


*** I have been on the national do not call list for years and they continually harass me.


That's *** I would estimate that at least 99% of Americans (myself included) have been on that list since it was instigated-back in 2003. Despite the cynicism concerning DNC, I find that it HAS been somewhat effective.

I used to get unsolicited calls from: Travel Agents Worthless, crooked "Sweepstakes" a dating service (while living in New Jersey) a REAL persistent SOB, until I really blew him off! Satellite TV companies-and, I've always used cable. and, Last and Worst of ALL... The telephone companies themselves.

If you have ATT, MCI will call, etc. All of this stopped like a faucet when the DNC passed. Nowadays, I only get the foreign scammers, 90% from India. But, also...KELLER WILLIAMS!!

After my Father Died, and a retitled the house, I've gotten a few *** "house flippers" too, but not that often. Keller Williams is a Major firm, and should not DO this. The Inner City buck who called me the other day said that I had communicated with HIM. Perhaps by email, once, two years ago, but that hardly establishes a business relationship.

They also sent someone to my front door last Spring. Perhaps, in their mind, that does constitute a prior relationship.

@Thaddeus Buttmunch1

PS: my point with the DNC list is, if Keller-Williams respected it, they wouldn't cold-call anybody. I mean-they'd only have 1% of Americans to work with in the first place, and maybe 0.1% of that number would want them.


Wow, you are angry, very understandable. I would also hate to be harassed being on the do-not-call registry.

It is very serious indeed to be disturbed by sales calls. I am a Keller Williams agent and would never ask a FSBO to list with me. However, if I drive past a home that is FSBO, I approach the home with great respect to the owner and introduce myself and ask if I may have a tour of the home. FSBO homes invariably are not available to agents through MLS so we are not aware they are on the market.

Your homes may well be very desirable. The only question I would ask of the owner is if they would compensate me if I bring a buyer who is interested in making an offer. If they are in agreement, I request that prior to my buyer making an offer, the owner sign an agreement to compensate me for my commission. If the owner does not agree to compensate me, that does not mean my buyer should not buy the home.

My sole promise is to my buyer to find their perfect home. Naturally, my livelihood is derived from commissions. Having no other income and investing great sums of money in marketing, education and personal time etc. our commission pays our bills.

Agents selling real estate have a genuine love of their careers and if money was the be all and end all, they would certainly be in a regular income producing career. We are all in business as independent contractors and it is up to us generate our own business and income. Please don't run down Keller Williams, it is an amazing company, that does a huge amount of philanthropy in many arenas, and takes care of their agents during personal difficult times in their lives. I cannot say enough good about Keller Williams.

Your only contact has been with agents trying to make a living, which is what we all try to do in our daily lives. FSBO is understandable, you would like to save on commission and get as much money in your pocket as possible. Wouldn't you prefer to have an aggressive agent sell your home than a passive agent, should you wish to go that route? I am proud that I am an agent working for Keller Williams.

I wish you good luck selling your home.

I am with Keller Williams of the Palm Beaches. Sylvia Wright, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


I listed my home FSBO and advertise that I will pay a Buyer's agent the standard 3% commission. NONE of the Keller Williams agents harrassing me about listing with them offer to bring a buyer.

They only call to get the listing. All of the showings I am setting-up are with agents from other agencies who are bringing potential buyers, or to individuals w/o an agent. I find that interesting that the KW agents aren't interested unless they can list.

A friend in the business told me agents like this mostly troll for listings for an easy 3% and let other agents find the buyers. This experience tells me all I need to know about KW agents.


Well...I didn't figure you guys had a 160 IQ and attended MIT, or could pass the NFL Combine!


PLEASE tell me how to join your law suit.

These Keller Williams LOSERS have been harassing and terrorizing me, too!! They call and call nonstop--I don't know how the hellll they get my landline number!!!

I have a message on my Voicemail that cusses them out and tells them to STOP calling, but they keep calling back!!!!


I stumbled across this old post because I'm being harassed by KW. My house was for sale (with an agent) for 11 months.

We need a break, so it went off market. By 9am the next day, my husband and I received 5 phonecalls from KW. Very aggressive and rude. We've logged everything about the conversations and now I'm researching class action lawsuits for the first time in my life.

The responses here are also rude. FSBO doesn't mean anything about someone's personality.

What they say, says something about a person. Duh.


You writing this post are a loser who has no clue how the industry works. Secondly you have no clue to the facts of Keller awilliams, they are the fastest growing franchise therefore far from a fly by night.

Each agent works independently no matter which agency they work for soto single out Keller awilliams makes no sense.

I know agents with all different companies who call FSBO's as most FSBO don't sell on their own and end up using an agent therefore it is a smart business practice. Stop whining, you sound ridiculous, it's embarassing!!!


The fact that you started your post calling the person "a loser" simply reinforces what we all are reporting here: that KW agents are rude, hostile and often dishonest agents who reflect the practices of a company that seems to encourage their agents to harrass people who are selling their homes FSBO. You can find the KW FSBO scripts with a simple Google search.

They recommend agents pretend to have buyers interested in the FSBO home and ask for a "preview".

Once in the seller's door the agent can then try their sales con job script. KW agents are the worst!


Very old thread, but I find this amusing. OP starts in March talking about how he listed his house FSBO.

In July he's talking about "WHEN" his house sells.

Yes, *** agents with your average sale time of 90 days on the market, leave him alone. I wonder what the odds are that the home actually sold?


I guess the original poster doesn't understand how the real estate system works. Each agent is independently operating.

They are independent contractors. And it sounds like even if Keller Williams was ranked #1,2,3,4,5... he would have a problem with it. If you want #1, why not list with #1 and stop complaining then?

Just wondering if hes sold his house yet? And if he ended up listing with an agent lol


The original poster understands how the real estate system works. Like most commission based professions it is unfortunately filled with a lot of unscrupulous and pushy sales people with no respect for people selling FSBO.

I put my home up only one week ago and have received 25+ calls from KW agents - most very pushy and rude. I advertised I will pay 3% buyer's agent commission. The KW agents not interested. They didn't want to have to actually work and find a buyer.

They just want to collect listings and let agents from other agencies actually do the work and find a buyer.

IF someone decided to eventually list they'd be much better off working with an agent that actually tried to find them a buyer. At least the seller would know they have someone who's truly willing to put effort in for their commission.


Fact: 83% of houses offered FSBO do not sell. Most end up listing with an agent.

So if you are a Realtor why would you not call these people? Listings that we convert from FSBO's are generally the most difficult clients because they are usually pretty puffed up, self-important and delussional about the value of their real estate, often insisting that their home will sell for more than any other similar home in the neighborhood has sold for in the past 2 years. They also don't realize that buyers expect to pay less for FSBO's because they know there is no commission being paid. Lots of FSBO sellers brag about how they sold their last house without an agent....

in 2006. LOL, no concept that the real estate market has changed a bit. I say more power to the 7% of FSBO's who can actually sell their own house, but for the other 93% the sooner they list with a good agent from KW, ReMax or Coldwell Banker the better for them!

Aggressive is a great attribute in a salesperson!! Oh and go ahead and track my IP address and report me to the government you whining wimp :eek


First, calling a FSBO after it has been on the market for a while is one thing. Getting inundated with calls from agents within hours of the home hitting Zillow / Trulia is a very different matter.

Most RE agents try to undervalue a home so they can sell it faster. Time is money. If a seller gets $10k more for their home that can mean a lot to a seller. To a RE agent it's only $600 more / $300 if another agent involved / $150 if the agent has to give 1/2 to his or her broker.

An agent is NOT going to put much effort into getting a seller $10k more if it only puts $150 more in the agent's pocket. THAT is the reality. I've handled hundreds of real estate closings and sold numerous property myself. I've witnessed the dishonesty of most agents and friends I have in the business who are among the few honest ones tell me how cut throat and dishonest the vast majority of agents are.

Last - you think being "aggressive" is a positive attribute.

It's annoying and the mark of a dishonest sales person. Being ATTENTIVE is positive - while "aggressive" is just a different a-word for the other common a-word for annoying people.


Guess what? Consumers look for honesty, integrity and respect of boundaries in their agents..not trolls who harass people.

But you would have to be NUMBER ONE or on the ADMIRED LIST TO KNOW THAT!


I LOVE FSBO as I do not have to have a pushy agent in my face day and night who IS NOT A REAL ESTATE LAWYER WHO I CAN CONSULT WITH AS AGENTS ARE NOT LAWYERS! So they CANNOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE!


They are #2 in the market now..