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I was working with agent Brenda Bounds she knowingly took advantage of my situation.Brenda advised me to over bid on a home that was in my price range,but did not explain to me I had to bring that amount to the table at closing time.Brenda told me that she planned on getting it reappraised at a higher price,but did not read the contract it had just been appraised.Brenda expected me to pay for it to get reappraised,when I explained several times I would't spend any more money than I had to on this home.Brenda wanted a higher commission she apparently does this on a regular basis.Since what I over bid was a large amount and couldn't afford to pay it and would have to borrow the money Brenda promised to give up her commission to help cover the down money.Brenda explained this to Kevin Borland Broker at Keller Williams.I met with Kevin and Kevin told me that Brenda was giving up her commission to help cover the down money.After closing Brenda never gave her commission and ignored all calls and emails.I contacted Kevin and was ignored as well.Kevin Borland the broker allowed this dishonesty and didn't follow through with what was promised.They are a very dishonest company that takes advantage of people.Kevin and Brenda were both aware that I was on disability and couldn't afford the money that was over bid.Brenda never explained what happens when you over bid.Also with every home I looked at Brenda gave me the codes to all the homes so she wouldn't have to go back and show them.I had to find every home on the website Brenda wouldn't even bother to look at what was new on the market.The first home (that fell through)and the home I bought I had to call the electric and water to get turned on for the home inspection.Brenda didn't do anything but print off papers,sign them and lie.And this was ok by Kevin Borland this is the way they do business.Brenda Bounds and Kevin Borland are dishonest people I don't recommend doing business with them.And other realtors should be aware that they are giving codes out to houses on the market.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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