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One of your realtors named Simple "Simi" Bhandari from the Metropolitan/Morristown, NJ office, brought clients to our place for a showing on Sunday April 24th. The moment we opened the door her son some barreling into our home with no regard that we first have to open the door and make sure our dog doesn't go anywhere near them.

Not only did she show up 1/2 hour after her appointment time (she was suppose to be here at 3:30 but she did not show up until after 4PM), but she had the nerve to bring her son who was extremely ill-mannered, and just ran into our home. She showed our place for no more than 2 minutes and didn't even ask if she/they need to remove their shoes. Then she left.

I called the office to complain about how incredibly unprofessional she was but got the voice messaging service so I left a message for a supervisor/manager to call me back.

Then I called her to try and speak to her and she had the audacity to say our dog came barging at them - which was a total lie when we completely had her on the other side of the room, but then she hung up on me without apologizing for her behavior or trying to speak to me like an adult. She is a disgrace of realtor and far from a professional. She acted like a total and complete *** in our home and in front of her clients. Of all the Keller Williams realtors we've ever encountered we've never experienced someone as truly unrefined and unsophisticated as her.

She wouldn't answer my husbands phone calls, or our realtor. There is absolutely no excuses for her mannerisms (or lack thereof), and her behavior.

We are beyond livid and disgusted by her and the attitude we received from her.

This reviewer shared experience about "unprofessional and ill mannered showing agent." and wants this business to "an apology". This person is overall dissatisfied with Keller Williams Realty and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about keller williams realty realtor at Keller Williams Realty was unprofessional realtor and business practices Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Boonton, New Jersey, United States #1255437

This is Simi, 1st of, whoever posted this is not my customer or client, they should contact their own realtor. I contacted their realtor before even taking my clients there.

These people are just not nice, very angry people called me 10 times harassing me, it's a conflict they should be contacting their own realtor not me. Whatever I can only wish these people good luck!


How do you know it was her son and not the buyer's? Do you have a sign posted at the door instructing potential buyers to remove their shoes?

I must say it is quite odd for the current owner to be present during showings and to have their dog in the home, as this makes buyers uncomfortable (probably why your showing lasted two minutes). You might want to lighten up if you expect to sell your house!

to Anonymous #1159674

I disagree with anonymous. If they showed up LATE as previously stated, it is not on the seller at that point but on the Realtor.

They may have been gone during the scheduled showing and then returned.

Most Realtors will also call to ensure the sellers are aware. It appears that this was not the case.

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