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I had to sell my house a few years ago as part of my divorce settlement. I was working with a young realtor at Weichert, but two dirty realtors who claimed to be his supervisors took over the listing.

This was the married team of Jim and Mariann Brand, who now work for Keller-Willliams. They claimed he was too young and inexperienced to handle the sale and that he would still get a commission from the sale of my house. I texted him to make sure it was okay with him, but never heard back from him. Stupidly, I signed with these two low-lives, who kept lowering the price of my home.

Toward the end of the contract year, other realtors contacted me, telling me the house was being undersold. I tried to cancel my contract with these two pieces of garbage a month early. They notified my ex-husband that I was taking the house off the market (not true) and my ex and Jim Brand took me to court. I won, but the very idea that this lying piece of filth would go to court to keep the listing and LIE about what I was doing makes me sick.

He even had the gall to contact me a week or so after the court date to see if he could help me find a new place to live!

He and his wife are two of the most unethical, deceitful, disgusting low-life dirtbags it has ever been my misfortune to come into contact with. Steer clear of them!

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Thank you for your relating your experience as it made me feel not so alone in how the Brands treated us. Here is our encounter with them went down:

Recently this smug realtor couple posed as representing an anonymous client and said they wanted to "screen" our house.

Being a trusting person, I agreed since my realtor assured me screening is a normal practice.

I went to a lot of trouble to prepare my house for showing. This was a few weeks ago. They NEVER told my realtor a report on our house, something which is a courtesy and done by realtors after a showing so that was suspicious to say the least and very bad manners to boot.

I recently found out they were spying on our house as they just listed a house one block over. Moreover, they lifted language from our listing for the listing for the other house. I had a very bad feeling while I was walking them through our house. I could tell they were up to something.

Their body language, etc., reeked of sneakiness.

What they did was extremely unethical. We are not having any open houses so this was their pathetic way of gaining entry to see what the competition was.

A final note which supports this woman's experience above is that 11 days after they listed the other house at 20K MORE than our house's listing price, in a seller's market, they have ALREADY lowered it to 5K less than ours, a classic case of under-cutting one's competition.

This realtor "couple" is the slimiest, most smug, greedy couple I have ever met. They are shamelessly greedy and pathetic.

This is an example of always following one's intuition. Stay away from this couple.

All they care about is money. They have no ethical sense.

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