My wife and I recently sold our second house in 3 years through Keller Williams. The first time went pretty good, with the exception we felt at times our realtors were representing our buyers more through negotiations than they were us, but we chalked that up to kindness toward our buyers since they were first time home buyers and were buying through our same realtors.

After downsizing, my wife didn't like living in our new home, so here it is only 3 years later and we sold through the same realtors with Keller Williams again. This time, our buyers were also first time home buyers, and were also using Keller Williams, although they were working with a different realtor who is a co-worker of our realtors in the same office. Their realtor was an absolute ***, demanding at random in front of our buyers that certain personal items, such as our decorative fireplace gate, was to stay, even though not in the contract. Then, on closing day, she threatened to postpone or totally cancel closing due to us not thinking to dust window seals and baseboards before the walk through early that morning.

Even our buyers were nervous that she wouldn't go ahead with closing, until we finally signed a contract to have the house professionally cleaned by 2 pm. What gets me is that my wife and I are very clean people, and have always had a very clean house. We don't have kids at home, but even when we did, they were assigned daily chores as well to keep the house always presentable for even unexpected company. We also have never had indoor pets, and neither of us smoke.

The night before closing, we swept the hardwood throughout, mopped it and the tiled kitchen and tiled bathrooms, cleaned the shower and toilets, cleaned all appliances, swept the basement, and swept the detached 3 car garage, as well as took the trash can out to the street. However, not once when we've sold a home has it ever occurred to us to dust window sills and baseboards before leaving. I later found out she had described our home at the title as filthy and unfit for human habitation, a description our buyers even disagreed with. Anyway, i called Keller Williams to complain, and was treated more rudely by the affiliate broker than I was by his realtor.

He backed her totally, and even demanded an explanation on why we didn't buy through Keller Williams this time. I informed him it was none of his business, and after insulting me further, he hung up on me. Let me also interject here that although we were working on finding a new home with an absolutely wonderful lady from Century 21 Legacy, our realtors offered to cut their commission considerably if we'd drop her and allow them to write the contract on a home Century 21 had ALREADY showed us and we'd already decided we wanted! Talk about unethical!

I then called the district manager, and she seemed to genuinely care, but then did she would have the local primary broker to call me. He did, and even though he was not nearly as rude as the other broker, he still supported his realtor, refusing to force her to call me with an apology. I will NEVER use Keller Williams again, and I will never consider a home that is even listed by a Keller Williams realtor. They have no ethics or respect for anyone at all.

I have posted pics of our home that was supposedly so filthy. As you can plainly see, it was nothing but a lying *** of a realtor that created all of the unnecessary stress on closing day.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1274380

What are you trying to prove with those pictures? They were clearly taken long before you even began packing, let alone moved out and closed on the house ....


I am a realtor and I know that when a house is sold, it doesn't have to be cleaned thoroughly, unlike in a lease situation where the property has to be delivered in perfect condition. Seems highly unlikely that the agent you had threatened to cancel closing if you didn't dust the window: if there's contract in place it takes way more than a cleaning issue.

So either you are lying or you misunderstood what she was saying because you didn't like her.

Usually brokers stand by their agents. If you have a real issue, it's better to contact you state Real Estate board.

San Jose, California, United States #939611

Very nice home


I am so sorry you experienced that from a Keller Williams Realty agent. I work for KW in Northfield, NJ and we wouldn't think of treating our clients with such disrespect. I can certainly understand your hesitation from dealing with other KW agents in the future, but I would ask just give the next one who may come to your door or call you on the phone just one more chance.

to Anonymous Kingsport, Tennessee, United States #901695

Thank you for your kind suggestion. I do realize realtors are individual people and not all Keller Williams realtors are as disrespectful as Joyce Woodard in Kingsport, TN. However, the attitude of Frank Marsh and Jim, the brokers was what actually prompted me to write this review and to boycott Keller Williams.


oh my gosh,that home is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can not even imagine on how someone could say that a home that is that nice and super clean could EVER say that.

I wouldnt want to think what this lady would have to say about a home that was less expensive then this one, if it wasnt up to her "standards" Seems like this lady needs to work on her people skills!!!

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