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I was selling my home "By Owner" but paying 3% commission to any agent who sold my home. Ernie Facchine from Keller Williams Main Line (Conshohocken, PA) put in an offer for a young couple.

In the offer they requested a sellers assist credit in exchange for them paying for any results of the borough U&O inspection. I agreed. The next day, unbeknown to me, Ernie Facchine pays the permit fee and schedules the inspection. Knowing that the U&O is typically secured by the seller, Facchine buying it led me to believe him buying it was part of our agreement that the buyer would handle the U&O.

The result of the U&O inspection was that one Carbon Monoxide detector had to be installed in the basement. Both Fachinne and I were present for the U&O inspection. Ernie Fachinne told me that he would take care of it as per our agreement. Two days later the buyer's mortgage company sent out it's home appraiser for their inspection that only I met with.

The appraiser determined that three Carbon Monoxide detectors had to be in place for the mortgage company. One in the basement and one on each sleeping floor of the house. And, these detectors had to be in place and verified to her with photos by the end of the day or the following day, or the she would have to reschedule this appointment and charge the BUYERS another inspection fee. Knowing that Ernie Fachinne was going to handle the one CM detector for the borough, but had not done so yet, I phoned him of the situation with the home appraiser.

As to not have to reschedule with the appraiser and charge the buyers another fee, I offered to handle the three CM detectors. Fachinne said that would help a lot and to make sure I got a receipt for the cost of the three CM Detectors. When at Home Depot buying the detectors, I get a phone call from Fachinne about the progress of the detectors. During this conversation he again tells me to get a receipt, which I do.

I proceed to buy the detectors, install them, take photos of them, download them to my computer, and email them to the Home Appraiser as directed; and, I also send the photos and a copy of the purchase receipt to Ernie Fachinne, again as directed. This ordeal took four and one half hours of my time and the rescheduling of a personal appointment I had for that afternoon. This all took place about a week out from settlement. During that week before settlement, I spoke with Fachinne numerous times about issues regarding delivery of the house at settlement.

The day before settlement, I call Ernie Fachinne to tell him that the house is prepared as agreed to for the buyers and I ask him how will the reimbursement for the three Carbon Monoxide detectors be made. He informs me THEN, the day before settlement, that he is NOT going to reimburse me for the CM Detectors because he paid for the U&O permit. To review, he secured and paid for that permit without any consultation with me. He voluntarily paid for it.

He had numerous opportunities to discuss that with me before the day before settlement and did not. If he would have brought that issue up, we could have settled it before I put in four and one half hours of my time, doing the job that he and his buyer were responsible for. Facchine took advantage of my time, effort and willingness to help avoid another inspection fee for the buyer. Fachinne lied to my face twice that he would pay for the three detectors by telling me twice to get a purchase receipt.

If he was not going to pay for the detectors, I would have never canceled a personal appointment and put in the four plus hours it took to meet the requirements of the buyers Mortgage Company.

Ernie Fachinne is a liar and a dishonest person. He is a poor representative of the Keller Williams Company and a disgrace to the Real Estate Profession.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keller Williams Realty Home Selling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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