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I closed on my house on March 26, after one of the worst experiences of my life. My KW realtor literally became the seller's agent as soon as she put the offer on the house.

She conned me into thinking that repairs would be negotiated on the house after the FHA inspection was over, at the request of the seller's lawyer. Well, in the meantime I started to notice that the lawyer she recommended wasn't reading the paperwork, like the solar contract and (after it was too late) the inspection report. I spent so much time researching my solar contract options that I didn't notice she wasn't reading the inspection report until after I fired her. Then all of a sudden the house was closing and nobody even tried to negotiate repairs.

As a result I have safety issues in the house - lead paint and a reversed polarity outlet in one of the bedrooms. That doesn't include severely peeling paint that the bank appraiser, with the FHA checklist, should have red flagged. I got a real lawyer who wasn't colluding with the realtor and he was appalled at the whole thing. At that point I made a calculation that I would lose too much money by backing out of the deal so I went through with it.

The realtor never even told the family to remove the wall to wall dog *** from the backyard ( took 2 people an hour and a half to clean it), or the 50 gallons of paint plus 20 quarts in the basement (I have photos). I had to threaten to not close for her to attempt to address any of that. She just kept making excuses for the SELLERs - oh they were too busy, oh they didn't mean to be disrespectful (by leaving the backyard like a mile high stinking pile of *** My lawyer got $100 out of the sellers for me to clean, but in hindsight it should have been $500 to ensure they'd actually clean it, because I ended up doing that and taking all the paint and about 10 gallons of pesticides to the household hazardous waste day at the dump. Then she went around telling me up was down and down was up about the rest of it - a completely lame and not fully-painted front railing to satisfy FHA rules, the completely peeling paint on every single opening of the garage, the peeling and lead paint on half of the windows - oh that was just FINE!

She made pathetic excuses for herself when I confronted her about all of this. Result is that I will resell this house myself next year since it requires more work than I can afford (which I told Samantha as well - but all she cared about was her commission). I will be taking the real estate course and selling this myself. Never again Keller Williams.

Never again another realtor. This business is as corrupt as it comes. I don't know what kind of a corporate culture they have going on over there but it seems to be all about greed, fake people, and lack of concern for your customers. I am appalled at everything I saw about this - 3 women colluding to railroad me through this - SEFCU agent (changing banks too!), lawyer and realtor.

All BFFs who go out with each other regularly and talk about their clients. I'm sure they're helping each other out with their careers, all at the expense of the clients. It's pathetic considering that you could do just as well by being honest.

Oh and I am also filing a complaint with NYS about the lead paint issue. What a nightmare!

Product or Service Mentioned: Keller Williams Realty Realtor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Keller Williams Realty Cons: Worst treatment, Realtor, Poor service, Dishonesty, Collusion.

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We were told about a property a couple of days before going on the market. We put on offer, then we were told another one did but we were not allowed to increase our number.

The house is still for sale active, not contingent...? We are confused, no guidance. Other properties that we’ve seen and voiced interest in, same thing. We are told we should put in a “strong offer “.

But the houses are still for sale, there was no other offer to beat. They are all lying.


Good warnings.


Deanna Dopslaf had been doing the same thing. Then lie about it to you and insult your intelligence like you’re stupid and act like you don’t know how real estate contracts go .

Puts a spin on anything to make money.

Greedy liar. Caldwell Bankers had don’t he r removed for incompetence


What a load of rubbish. Should be Removed. Buyers crazy


Same thing in here Rebecca Kontraba flagship Maryland beware beware beware they act in sellers behalf


I will never deal with Keller Williams in Sewell, NJ again. My agent , MD, he did absolutely nothing.

Gave a lot of BS, after I signed my contact heard nothing from him. What a waste of time.


that's exactly how they done me my agent was Gabrielle Wolfe and was that in sheep clothing she made me feel like she was working for the seller,someone needs to do something about this company, by the way never got my fence fixed,door bell and some other things that was supposed to fixed never happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Questionable selling practice. My house isn’t on the market, but the “number” one agent called me to let me know someone was interested in purchasing my home. Sounds like a bait and switch scheme.