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We had a rental agreement but one of your agents disposed of everything i owned as i was falsley incarcerated on a tresspassing charge which happened to be on a citzens arrest on behalf of your agent ken austin and while incarcerated he had our dog impounded and put to sleep he also broke 5 windows out kicked our door in twice and also illegally had all of our utilities turned off claiming that the owner said to with the water come to find out i did my homework and i know the landlord and come to find out there may be some document altering with your business in bakersfield ca there is only one kevin sherwood in bakersfield and i got in touch with him and on the deed it says james cannon gave it to kevin m sherwood but its funny because kevin w sherwood has a cousin by the name of james kyphrt a few alterations by a large corporation such as yours could easily have it legally fixed and if that is the case i wonder how many other homes your bakersfield branch has done this with also when your agent ken austin of 18 yrs kicked my door in twice and broke five windows out my 7 yr old neice was in the home crying and they day he bullied me out of our home after he had my husband arrested for defending myself and this property he manages as he was spraying something on to our pge box and threw a rock through our window he came back after my husband went to jail and bullied me out with nine people who are known in the drug world to remove me from the property i called the police three times and they only talked to him then they would leave not even getting my side or proof that i had i guess they were in his favor so if he isnt altering documents why would he cause all that damage to a property he manages instead of legally evicting us because obviously he would need mr sherwoods signature or permission somewhere along the line and that just tells you that he dont know the landlord because i spoke with the man and he is also doing what he has to on his end to fix this problem he is also angry due to the fact of what may be going on and if you would like to speak with him he is more than willing so one question is this what your corporation stands for or is built on?

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This tale of woe is known grammatically as a "run on" sentence.

I'm sorry about your troubles but, since your writing is more or less incoherent, I can't quite ascertain the nature of the conflict.


I'm now homeless I got falsely arrested he had my dog put to sleep and everything I owned was illegally removed from our home while he had me arrested for trespassing which was false


OMG! Is that the best you can do to defend yourself and/or Keller Williams? You're disgusting.