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I just had a very nasty email exchange with an employee/husband of owner of keller williams agency @Cynthia McKenna broker, 400 Townline rd. suite 145. Hauppauge NY 11788 631-675-0770.

I tried to reach my agent and he told me he can't speak with me. He directed me to the above mention owner/agent. I sent her email and her husband responded. I don't know why he responded he claims he's not an agent. He should have let the owner his wife contact me. He was very rude and condescending. Here is a exchange of emails from him.

if you want to sell your house don't go this agent.


I signed a contract with Mr. Exum, who is supposed to work for your company.I contacted him to give him my new phone number and he told me he can't speak to me. when i asked him why, what was wrong he told me to contact you.

So, here i am contacting you.

why have you restricted my agent from talking to me



Dear Paula,John was removed from our active roster because of various reasons of which I am not permitted to discuss with you. I can say that his business practices were not in line with the culture and ethics of Keller Williams.In NY State the salesperson is a representative of the Broker of Record. The listing is the legal property of the broker and not the salesperson. Keller Williams maintains a policy to release listings for associates who leave for reasons other than for cause.


Mr. McKenna:

I want to make this perfectly clear.I don't think that KW would have hired Mr. Exum if he was as incompetent as alluded to in your email.

Since you know that i am a retired police officer then you are aware that i know all the BS this world has to offer and the behind the scenes double dealing.

I don't know what happened to KW relationship with Mr. Exum ,however he has always dealt honestly with me, and has built my confidence in him. I am so confident in his abilities that i have instructed my mortgage company to only talk with him.

I Signed my house over for a short sale to keep it from going into foreclosure. I want this house sold, so i suggest KW and Mr. Exum put your *** on hold so this contract can be completed.

When i spoke to Mr. Exum today along with telling me he can't speak with me, he also told me he has to turn over the keys to MY HOUSE. This is MY HOUSE for what ever time remains and i will decide what happens to it . I have trusted Mr. Exum with the keys to my house and the contents within. I WILL NOT GIVE THOSE KEYS TO ANYONE ELSE.

I will be in NY on the 15th. i suggest that by that time KW and Mr. Exum have worked their issues out.

Cordially yours


Dear Paula,I suggest that you take a step back and reevaluate how you choose to communicate with someone with your contemptible attitude when the party is trying to protect your interests.It is not your position to dictate to Keller Williams with whom they work. Given you are a "retired police officer" then you should be fully aware of what can and cannot be disclosed.The keys were requested of him in order to return them to you. I suggest that before you go running off making wild demands upon those who are following the law, to the letter, and trying to protect YOUR best interests that you contact your attorney to have them help you comprehend what was being told to you in these messages.Although it is not my decision, I believe that the broker of record was trying to contact you to inform you that this listing documents are invalid and therefore a legal listing contract is not in place. Further, I believe she was going to offer to assist you in rectifying this issue but I now suspect, after your ridiculous message, that the broker of record will want nothing to do with you or your property.Again, to make this ever so clear to you, I am NOT the broker of this business. You have elected to contact me and I have informed you that the broker will contact you. Just so you understand the law, because you likely did not read the paperwork you signed, you did NOT hire John Exum, you hired the broker of record. Mr. Exum was NOT authorized to secure a listing from you without completing the requirements set forth in a contractor agreement. He acted, in attempting to secure your listing, without the consent or approval of the broker of record.Do not bother to contact me again as there is nothing I am able to do to help you. The broker of record will likely contact you on January 2nd. I wish you the best in your effort to short sale your home.Finally, and for clarity, John Exum is not authorized to act on behalf of Keller Williams or any other NYS Licensed Real Estate Brokerage.Peace,CharlieCharles McKennaMarket Center AdministratorKeller Williams Realty Homes & Estates400 Townline Road, Ste 145Hauppauge, NY 11788




Paula,You clearly have a reading comprehension issue. It was YOU who contacted ME and NOT at my request. I informed you, IMMEDIATELY, that I would forward your LEGITIMATE contact information to the broker of record.You really should consider changing the email address because you clearly are NOT a legal eagle in this regard. I instructed you not to contact me again and you can't even follow that simple instruction. I am in NO position to help you. ONLY the broker of record is in such a position.Again, and hopefully this time you pay attention, the broker of record will contact you during normal business hours. Do not waste your time contacting me as it will NOT help you or your cause.Your continued communication with me after being instructed to cease constitutes harassment. No further messages will be accepted by this server from your email address or ISP origination as both have been flagged and reported as spam.Regards,CharlesCharles McKennaMarket Center AdministratorKeller Williams Realty Homes & Estates400 Townline Road, Ste 145Hauppauge, NY 11788On Jan 1, 2014 8:34 PM, "Legal Eagle" wrote:

Product or Service Mentioned: Keller Williams Realty Property Listing.

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KW Agents suck in general!


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He's a convicted felon Google the n J Mckennas. They should b in jail


We had great experience with them. Several purchases and sales over the years.

We have referred many and all we very happy. Seems like this is all rantings.

They are still in business so I guess this was all much ado about nothing. We will continue to do business with them and will continue to refer them to others.


Charles McKenna senior is a convicted felon and has no business being involved in real estate in fact he can not hold a license in New York fellow readers STAY AWAY FROM KELLER WILLIAMS HAUPPAUGE both husband and wife are com artists and should be locked up they are both sciopaths !!!!


Ironically, the Charles guy got fired from the Keller Williams office...I wonder why LOL


You hit it they are sciopaths and Keller Williams should revoke their license I lost 25k stay away from them Google the MCKennas and go to public records to see all the means liens from scams


There is so much more to this story but googling my name and seeing this is quite amusing! She did contact me once the broker reluctantly released the listing and the house has been sold.

The client came with me to this brokerage(1 month stay) so she was neither familiar or comfortable with the broker, And having dealt with me for months. Me giving her advice/information we had built a relationship of trust that a email could not erase! Especially after experiencing the author who in his defense, was on drugs from an operation which I am pretty sure altered his ability to filter. That actually was her correspondence She was very upset at how he handled/communicated with her and she had a right to be.

There is so much more which is now water under the bridge.

Build relationships with your clients and no one can take your knees out from under you!


this "legal eagle" is a ***..and i sure hope you didnt work as a police officer with that chip on your shoulder and ego you have. you seem to be super rude first, and seem to have no clue as to what they were trying to tell you and you kept pushing for it anyway, even though it wouldnt have been in your best intrest to do so, they were looking out for you, if you would get off your high horse and realize it. shaking my head


This customer clearly has no understanding of real estate law. They obviously contacted an administrator who legally has nothing to do with the deal.

The original agent probably did something illegal and was fired and may even have been criminally charged.

This is not a valid complaint since the fault is indisputably on the side of the ignorant customer. Who was very rude in every email I am not surprised the administrator got upset and understandably so.


Whether or not this man at the company was right about the law or not, he certainly was very rude to the customer. Insulting a customer, even if they are wrong is never a good business strategy, especially when that customer posts the exchanges on the net. He should have assured the customer that all will be handled appropriately, and made the customer feel comfortable about the abrupt transition.


uum, the customer became rude first and was not comprhending what was being told to them but kept at it anyway. It does not matter if the person "used to be law enforcement" no reason to throw that in there and the way this"customer" ego came across when they were in the wrong and wouldnt stop even though this realtor had got in trouble.


He's a text book scioparh and vomvicted felon Google the leins on public records for McKenna STAY AWAY SIOPATHS !#


The initial response to you was /is correct, all listings belong to the Broker of Record, the Agent is only functioning as a representative.

It appears that the Agent concerned was discharged/fired/terminated, due to misconduct. Depending on what sort of misconduct was involved, these actions could have put the Brokers' license at risk.

These actions would, in all likelihood have had no bearing on your own particular transaction with the banks, unless the reasons for dismissal had to do with the way that your short sale was being done. That having been said, if the Agent were let go because he /she did something wrong with your application, then you might consider thanking the Broker for looking out for you.


sounds like this review was written by the same person who the jilted customer is complaining about - lol


This sounds like a response from that Charles guy - LOL


Well, you succeeded in making yourself look foolish. Just reading the emails I would have to say that you are not understanding what is going on.

If you love this guy so much, contact him again and tell him how desperate you are for him to work with you. I'm sure that will go well.

It sounds like the company was trying to protect you. And, I must agree that you are clearly no "legaleagle" - more like a pitiful, retired cop who thinks she is a lawyer.


and this response is likely by the broker's wife - lol