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I had the horrible luck of getting involved with Michelle Wilson at Keller Williams Realty in Englewood Colorado. She lied over and over and over again about the age of the house, previous owners and inspections. When I made an offer based on these lies, she agreed to it, but apparently did not even speak with the seller. After I had already made arrangements for the deposit, she said the seller now says no and stopped replying to all of my communications. I got ahold of the seller directly and they said that they fired her due to fraud and that she never even ran the offer by them. I ended up not using Keller Williams Realty and buying directly from the seller. Thank God. Michelle Wilson is an entitled, unprofessional,Drama Queen that uses the F bomb every other word.

Michelle Wilson has a telephone number of 303-717-5285 and her e-mail is Unique.Estates@kw.com. The websites are: http://michellewilson.yourkwagent.com/ and http://www.kw.com/kw/


Monetary Loss: $350.

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Oklahoma, United States #1308392

You are so right. KELLER WILLIAMS, Cathy Grits, took my home under a lie.

They added 6 thousands dollars to my closing cost didn't tell me and when l found out it was nothing l could do.

I'm almost 60 and will be homeless soon. KELLER WILLIAMS NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN.


Are we just not going to talk about the photo of the shaved cat, or . . .


Why would you choose to work with a realtor who uses the F Bomb every other word in the first place?

to p #1123722

This man is a liar. I have NEVER worked with him.

I work in Colorado and he lives in Florida. The police have found that he stalks people and has a history of writing terrible things about people online. I filed a police report years ago when this happened.

Ridiculous. Michelle Wilson


I know this is an old post and I won't go into who is right or wrong because there are two sides to every story. That being said I have to say that I would never work with Michelle as her response to this issue and her spelling are unbelievable!!

Second, if this is really all lies I'm sure that Keller Williams has a legal department that could advise Michelle on what to do, responding in this fashion shows a serious lack of professionalism!!

The fact that Michelle responded in such a manner as well as throwing threats and accusations around herself leads me to be believe that there is some truth to what is being said. As for a possible civil suit, that is bad advice!!

No one here knows the full story of what happened, recommending suing someone without all of the information available is something that an unethical attorney would do, I guess innocent until proven guilty doesn't matter anymore.In the end both parties need to grow up and act like adults, arguing over the internet is childish and doesn't address the issues nor does it solve anything, now if you'll excuse me I have to go stop my teenage daughter from doing the same thing that I am commenting on... :grin


I can not say who is right or wrong or who is telling the truth or lie. I don't know who wrote any of the listed posts.

What I can say is that if Michelle is a true real estate agent she has failed in showing the professionalism and intelligence any possible client would want their real estate agent to possess. All of Michelle's posts are LITTERED with grammar mishaps and incorrect spelling, all the while she suggests that the person attacking her go to school and learn how to interact with professionals. I can't think of anyone who after hearing her response to this attack would want her as a real estate agent even if everything she is saying about the cause of the initial post is true. All of the following were spelled incorrectly through the various posts and this did not include the various grammar errors: nonsense, Department, awful, Florida, business, bring instead of bringing, she instead of sue, and liar.

Lesson of the day: As a realtor you are always representing yourself and if you are going to comment on someone else’s professionalism and education then at least press spell check!! I don’t mean to insult but from the outside looking in these posts really do make Michelle seem “unintelligent” to put it nicely.


I can't say either way about the poster of this, or the agent, neither of them sound 100%, I'm sure each has told their side the way they want it heard.

What I can it was my own misfortunate dealings with Keller Williams that caused me to see if they had any complaints online, and the amount I have found is scary.

In my area, most of the REO homes have Keller Williams listing agents. I've attempted to move on 3 of their properties and have decided avoiding Keller Williams is my best bet if I can manage it, but I may have no choice. The first I found and called about, the listing agent told me "the buyer already has an offer on the property for $40,000.00 and they'll probably accept it. I said "they haven't already?" He said, "no, not yet". I then told him I'd like to submit an offer, I'll certainly do better than $40,000.00 and I'm willing to pay cash. His response was "hrmph... is there anything else I can help you with?". The next one I called the day it came on the market, left 4 messages that day, 6 the next, calling all day long. Two days later I finally get a call back telling me they already had several offers and were accepting one of them. Getting frustrated, I decided maybe I needed to hire a real estate agent to deal with them for me. The next one I got the email from my real estate agent at 3am the day it posted for sale. I was there with my agent at 5:30am, amazingly there was no key in the box... 2 and a half hours after it posted for sale. I had my offer written up and was prepared to move on it even without going inside. Right when they opened, we called the listing agent to find out about the key. He acted as though he thought someone had stolen the key. He then told my agent, the seller isn't likely to consider offers when the buyer hasn't even looked inside. So I wrote up my offer to waive inspection and do quick escrow, figuring these would show them I'm serious and ready to move now. It takes 3 days before we get any reply from Keller Williams at all, keep in mind, I live on the same street as the house, within walking distance. No one has changed the locks like he said they were going to, I haven't even seen another agent there, and we've watched the house the last 3 days almost non stop.

When we finally get a call back, he says I sent your offer over, but there were several other offers and I can't say what they were but yours is unlikely to be accepted.

All I can say to this is REALLY?...

I'm thinking it's time for some FSBO homes or something, I think I'd rather deal with a short sale than these guys again.


Report all behavior that is wrong to the federal government. I cannot emphasize this enough. The more people report them to the feds the more they get investigated and eventually everyone who has had a bad dealing with them can prove their behaviors in court.

Please report them as so many people have had similar experiences all over the country.

Do not let anyone bully you in real estate as we all deserve respect as buyers and sellers in America and real estate agents do not have all of the rights..

since the market burst more and more agents from all over the place and appraisers have been indicted.

I am not sure what happened here..but filing a report with the feds with evidence of what you are saying is best.


Hmm.. I stumbled on this and found a few mistakes on both sides. One.. the complainer posting this here is very fishy. He/she should be contacting KW directly and the real estate commission.. if this is valid which I doubt it is.

Two.. Miss Michelle.. other than filing a complaint with local law enforcement I would contact a lawyer who can go after this person in federal court on a civil case. Unless he or she has some evidence making these kinds of accusations can cause great detriment to her business and reputation and she might be entitled to strong civil penalties against the accuser along with criminal.

Just putting this out there.. even though it happened several years ago it can and probably is affecting your business Ms Michelle.

Good luck!


I stumbled across this when I searched for "Keller Williams Realty" on Google.

Wow! This was an interesting read. If I followed it correctly, Michelle bought fish from a guy and after they were delivered, she filed a complaint with her credit card company and got her money back. The fish guy got mad so then he pretended to be a customer of Michelle's and posted a bogus complaint about her.

Even though this is a "fake" complaint (or so she says), I would have a hard time hiring Michelle because of how she reacted so poorly to it. Plus, this does not reflect very well on Keller Williams Realty either. As their employee, she has not represented them very well.

Lesson learned?: avoid Keller Williams and always buy fish at a market.

Thanks pissedconsumer.com!


All of my dealings with Keller Williams Realty have been good. It is always possible that there is a poor performer in any group. :grin


All of my dealings with Keller Williams Realty has been good.


Notice how the comments stopped last summer? This person has been in trouble with the law since all these nasty posts about me.

I am not the only person he has attacked.

All this nonscence has no meaning. I am an honest Real Estate broker in Denver, Colorado.

Michelle Wilson


#3 you are correct. Thank you for bring that to my attention.

I noticed that as well and maybe I should she him for my commission due.

It would be a good thing, but the transaction never happened because this man is a lair and I have never laid eyes on him.

It's a shame that people go to great lenghts to do things like this to innocent people, huh?


In fact, Keith, just remove all the nasty comments that you have made under the various names and call it a day. You will save me a lot of time and money prosecuting you. You will loose.


Dear Mr, KW Unethical (uh-huh), Mary K (how original- do you wear make up Mr Keith?), and Joe Cool(Which you are anything but...):

You must stop this nonsence of writing these aweful comments about me. I dont know you and have never dealt with you.

Hasnt your father told you that we know who you are from his phone call to me? Enough already ! If you are not sure that you should stop by now, check with the Greenwood Village Police Depratment in Colorado and fill them in on what you are to me on the internet. Tell them that you are mad about the shipment of fish that I received that were defective and American Express went after you for a refund.They know all about it!

You have decided to take it out on me in one of your drug evenings, Im sure. Go to college or something to make a good life for yourself- it's better money and you learn good social skills to deal with people in business in a professional manner. It's a shame that you are going to great lengths to ream my busines when the police and I know exactly who you are, Mr. Living in Florada.

Stop already,you are digging a hole, ***.

You are being watched by plenty on my side. Cease & Decist the internet writings immediately !


Actually, it's the complainer who may have broken the law. If she introduced them to the property and they then went and bought it after the listing agreement was terminated - Michelle is probably due a commission for "procuring cause" - since she introduced the property DURING the listing period. She's the one that can sue the Seller and the Buyer.


I have had a really bad experience with a KW agent in California. We owned a building together.

She signed a legal contract and then did not honor it. She took money from our shared finances without telling me about it, and never returned it. I tried everything I could to resolve our issues, and finally had to call a lawyer. At that time, I found out a few other Keller Williams Real Estate "professionals" were also in legal trouble for similar conduct.

Keller Williams please stop putting unethical agents on the street.

I will NEVER do buisness with this agency again. This particular agent got what they were due and I prevailed, but it wasn't worth the headache!


This is such a crock of ***! Michelle has help me and my family in 2 real estate deals and she has been exceptional!

She has always responded quickly, acted with the utmost professionalism, and is great with my kids helping them through the emotions of going through a move. Heck, she even took my 3 kids to a movie so my wife and I could have some quiet time to review and consider the offer to buy my house.

She is terrific and I would refer to anyone looking for a real pro!


I dont personally know the 1 person who has written all whese terrible and distructive comments about me and NEVER had a real estate deal with him. Ever!

Call me directly to talk.

My company has never received a complaint about me or dealt with this person either. Michelle Wilson 303-717-5285

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