If you contact Keller Williams corporate offices in Texas, they will simply say it's a local matter and they will refuse to get involved, yet this company interferes with the operation of it's individual offices more than any other real estate company.Many of the Keller Williams agents are poorly trained and get into legal trouble as a result.

Then there are the unscrupulous owners and managers who don't pay their bills and stiff agents out of their commissions.

I'd stay as far away from this company as possible.New England, in particular, has huge problems.

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how can i sue this company for their unscrupulous business practices


Former KW Agent here.KW is all smoke and mirrors.

I capped my first year and nobody said a word. Later found out I was paying one of the highest splits and caps in the company. I left, now I pay about 4.5% vs. about 38% (when you add lame royalties and hidden charges) with KW.

Free Training is pretty remedial. Their Ignite Class any *** could teach after a quick browse through the notebook. First Commission after leaving KW was for $22,000, I kept $20,870 (and that is counting a $350 TC Fee). Had I still been with KW, I would have walked with $13,640.

I don't know about anyone else, but $7,230 pays for 100 times more training that KW can ever provide. People talk about "the culture," the culture is not worth $30,000 a year of my money. And, they boast God, Family then your Career. That's great, but you have to put it into practice.

I am sure it's KW's MO to live by that, but the individual brokerage firm I left could care less. They ripped me off by arbitrarily raising my split % after I left, so the open escrows still on the books with KW cost me an additional 10%. They were mad I left and got bitter so jacked up my split after I was gone, so I could do nothing about it.

Now I have to decide to fight for $7,000 or let it go and just use it as ammunition to sell more.I will probably be the bigger person and just go back to working, but let it be known, KW and their Culture is not worth what it costs, at least for me it wasn't.


I was an agent with them for about 6 months.all I can comment on is what I have seen internally.I was very displeased with their operations andemployee satisfaction.

as far as the consumer side, it's a flip of the coin.it all depends on the agent that you get


The evil part of Keller Williams are the owners of the brokerages.There are good owners and bad owners.

Most are good. The bad ones are so bad it's dangerous. In Los Angeles, beware of Kathy Neil. She owns the Downtown Los Angeles franchise.

She's been asked to leave all the other franchises she been affiliated with because of her behavior. She does not represent the overall vision of Keller Williams, but they can't seem to get rid of her. The current deal is that she can run the Downtown office because no one else wants to do it. If she fails at that, she gets to go back to her Los Feliz office which no one in the Los Feliz office wants her.

Make sure you research the OWNERS of the franchise if you are thinking about joining an office. Ask the owners or team leaders of other offices before you sign up somewhere. Check with the competition and see what the competition thinks about the owners or the brokerages. For example, in Downtown Los Angeles, no top agents are a part of Downtown Keller Williams.

A few have joined, but quit after a few weeks or months. Only inexperienced agents work in their office too. All the top agents are part of different companies or are members of Keller Williams branches outside of Downtown Los Angeles. Not one top agents is a part of her office after three years.

Hmmmmm.I wonder why?

Allen, Texas, United States #693300

This sounds like an agent that could not make it in the Real Estate world!Clients do not post complaints about our commissions.

I've been an associate with Keller Williams for many years. I have also been at other company's, but came back to KW because of the culture. It's God, Family, then Business.

Individual offices & individual agents will preform differently.As for the comment about being aggressive, I think buyers and sellers want a tiger rather than a mouse.

Wayne, New Jersey, United States #650301

If KW was so bad, how do they keep getting recognized as the best by JD Power...and how is that they are rated the #1 Real Estate company for best places to work? How is it that they are the fastest growing RE company in the world. I have no idea what these complaints are about, but they are not indicative of the real story.

to ***sumer Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa #1258398

Indeed!! Agree


Keller Williams does get sued a lot.In fact, they are the most sued Real Estate company.

Not only are they unethical, but very dishonest. I've seen them retain commissions, after an agent has "capped," and I've seen them hire people as "Independent Contractors," and never pay them.

I've also seen them try to sabatage assistants, by telling the agents they work for "not to pay" them for their work.As far as I'm concerned, Keller is a crock!


Keller Williams is getting to big for their own good. Very high fees if you do no transactions your agent bill is over $150. They are more interested in getting more agents than helping agents.


LOL, X KW agent ya think :cry.I work for a KW office in Houston.

OMG they train every single week on legal.

They have paid staff that you can call 7 days a week to answer legal questions.Their E&O insurance is cheap ergo: not many law suits.

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