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So, my Dad died, I'm the executor. All the sudden, my husband is getting call after call from these people, trying to get us to use them for selling the house.

He's not on any court paperwork, nothing. I call them back - only to find that we CAN'T get off the list - it's a group of a ton of random realty agents, using a service to get the data about probate cases, and there's no way at all to take our name off the list for ALL of them.

So, they're using shady information that is not accurate, with no way to prevent harassing calls, no system to stop it.

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Common tactic among not only realtors but other companies offering their services when you file for bankruptcy; have a court case or many other public record situations. You cannot stop them, short of changing your phone number but rest assured they will eventually stop.

You can be polite and tell them you are not interested or you can harangue them with your distaste for them actually having the effrontery to call and disturb you. Your choice.

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