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We had a most unfortunate experience with Keller Williams. They did not represent us and as such I don’t know how to go about reporting what happened.

I also don’t know all the details of how my experience transpired. But I know enough to feel others should know about it before doing business in any real estate transaction. This agent worked opposite my agent in selling us a piece of property, .3acre on Bulladora off Garza Ln in Little Elm, Tx, November of 2017. We were cash buyers.

We came to an agreed price. We set a closing date for 2 weeks. We gave $200 “option money” to take it off the market to inspect the septic that was advertised on MLS and $2000 earnest money. Upon inspection, the county said there was no record of septic.

So the only possibility is it might have one from pre 1977 which would never pass certification and ofcourse would likely not be in working order. We were willing to overlook this obvious abuse of advertising (or fraud? I don’t know since I don’t work in law) and move on with the deal. We requested a new survey.

They agreed according to original deal. Closing date came, survey never provided and the sellers did not show up to close. Title company and opposing agent said they simply could not locate the sellers. They couldn’t locate them for so long they ended up having to end our deal and send our $2000 earnest money back.

BUT they would NOT send our $200 option money back despite the fact it was THEIR CLIENT that didn’t perform. They said their client “didn’t have the money” to send it back. How they knew that when they couldn’t locate them, I’m curious to know. The sellers were two people who had inherited the property, with one living out of state, and the agent and title company failed to obtain any POA in advance, in the event they could not sign.

I’ve bought and sold many houses, signed many times with POA on either side, and this has never happened to me. But HERE IS THE BEST PART. Our earnest money was sent back and our agent told us it went back on the market and LESS THAN TWO HOURS LATER it was taken off again AS PENDING SALE “no option”. In other words, the NEW BUYER bought as is.

The new buyer already new the issues with the “septic improvements” or did not care. But my question is. THE SELLERS WERE FOUND? And they were ready to sell?

And we were not notified to reinstate our contract? I could be wrong but it sounds to me like a better offer was made while WE were under contract and we were pushed out. Never mind we had a builder ready with plans for a house and a deposit ready for the builder. Aren’t there laws against fraudulent advertisements of improved property and selling something once it has a contract?

Also the employees at ProtitleX were involved in this transaction although I’m not sure exactly how much. I do know I spoke with Amy who was arranging things to close, as she should. But how contracts were allowed to be signed by buyers when they couldn’t contact all the owners of the property, I’ll never understand. It left a bad taste for me with this title company as well.

Maybe they weren’t involved. I can’t prove one way or the other. But I won’t ever do business with them in the future. All I can do now is review.

Wouldn’t someone important in the real estate world want to know agents are doing this to regular people? Again, maybe I am wrong somehow or was misinformed. But do please note the pictures. The pictures show the advertisement of the septic.

County verbally stated there is no septic. Pictures show as of 1/1/18 property is sold. But not to the people who had a cash contract in November 2017. And I have my contract to prove it.

I would love some help in understanding what went wrong and who to notify if in fact this is the dirty business I suspect it is. If not, I’ll be happy to apologize and retract this review.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keller Williams Realty Home Selling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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