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To whom it may concern:On April 1, 2018 I signed a one year lease at 1054 Streamside Drive Cedar Hill, TX 75104 with Lakisha McGee. Lakisha is a realtor under Keller Williams Realty Dallas County Legacy, 2010 N Hampton Rd Suite 300, DeSoto TX, 75115.

The monthly rent included a warranty fee and alarm fee. Prior to moving in Lakisha McGee was suppose to have some repairs done to the home. She stated a lot of repairs would be done in a timely manner prior to me moving in that were not done. She also stated that the house would be cleaned and it was not.

I spent a lot of money on repairs, service, paint, cleaning supplies, lighting fixtures in the bathrooms, shower heads for the bathrooms, and vent replacements. None of the vents were working. I was not allowed to move into the home April 1, 2018 because she was still trying to have walls painted. However the repairman she was using, went to jail for being behind on child support.

He was there at the home, and when he entered, Lakisha McGee could not remember her alarm passcode and the police dispatched. So the repairman went to jail. I could not move in and repairs went undone. Nothing was deducted off my rent.

When I moved in, I immediately noticed the condition of the home was extremely nasty. None of the smoke detectors were up. I asked Lakisha over 3-4 times for the smoke detectors. I advised for safety and insurance purposes I needed them put up.

None were brought to me initially. I then went to price them at Home Depot, and she refused to purchase them. Later in the month, Lakisha McGee brought them, but one room was missing one. I advised her I still needed the missing one and she explained I didn’t need it in the bedroom because there was one in the hallway.

This deeply disturbed me. I was also not advised that the home has a pest control issue. I was welcomed by a rat running through the house. My daughter who was 5 years old was terrified when it ran across the bedroom floor.

She yelled and screamed and was deeply disturbed. Then I saw the mouse running across the floor. My daughter couldn’t sleep for weeks. I had to literally sleep with her because she was in tremendous fear of the mouse biting her.

She described it as gray, with two ears, four feet and a long tail. I immediately informed Lakisha McGee. She stated that she never had a rat there at the location. I advised Lakisha I could not live in a house with rats, and could I be let out of my lease.

At one point I even asked could I sublet the house if the person paid the exact same rent. She stated no. She said if she allowed me to get out of the lease I would still loose my $1750 deposit. So among dealing with pest control and spending money to get the house in livable condition, I had to deal with her being a slumlord.

And later, Lakisha McGee stated in a text message to me that she was only aware of 1 rat, not multiple. This proved that she knew the house was infested with rats, but never disclosed this information to me. Lakisha McGee refused to provide me the warranty information I was paying for and that was included in my lease. The refrigerator freezer stopped working and I sent Lakisha a video and a text message about the problem.

She told me that it was not covered under the warranty I paid for and she refused to give me the warranty name and number to confirm. I advised Lakisha that I have paid for a warranty before and all appliances were covered. I informed her that she is a slumlord. She later called and had the warranty to send a serviceman out to repair the refrigerator.

Another issue was the garage door spring breaking. I notified Lakisha by picture and text that the garage door wasn’t working and that I needed to get the number for the warranty I paid for, to have someone come out and fix it. Lakisha McGee stated to me in text, it was not covered and I could pay to fix it myself. I asked Lakisha if she refused to fix it, would she lower the monthly rent.

She advised me to stop texting her foolishness and that I am unreasonable. This is why I advised Lakisha McGee that she was acting in the manner of a slumlord. I was so upset and mentally drained from having to go back in forth with Lakisha McGee. It was so hard dealing with an unprofessional, rude, and dishonest landlord.

I have been emotionally disturbed by Lakisha McGee’s action’s as my landlord. She has acted as nothing less than a slumlord-a landlord who attempts to maximize profit by minimizing spending on property maintenance. Lakisha McGee specifically stated in my lease that I was allowed 3 service calls/repairs where the $75/service fee would be covered by her under the warranty. But each time I requested maintenance, she initially refused, made me wait, stated I could fix it myself, then ended up paying to have the issue fixed.

I paid Lakisha McGee $1,850 a month for rent. I gave her 5 months upfront, because she knew I sold my home and tried to use it against me stating I had derogatory credit. I also gave her $1,750 for a deposit. The total amount given was $11,000.

This had nothing to do with my credit. Lakisha McGee knew I had money from the sale of my home and she capitalized on that. She knew this, because she was my realtor. My son is a witness to how she stated she wanted to help me and my kids.

He is a witness to how she kept preventing me from thoroughly reading the lease initially, saying “trust me, I have the best interest for you and your kids. I would not steer you wrong. You can trust me.” My son even said “mom, why did she keep interrupting you while you were trying to read the lease papers.” Lakisha has threatened me by stating “watch what you say about my name and how you use my name,” “stop texting me this foolishness, you are unreasonable,” and she’s even text harsh words using profanity against me. When I responded to her last text and letter, with a partial check of my security deposit and charges she deducted, her exact words were *** you Shaquinta.

I have the proof via text message of all the poor choice words she used against me. Upon sending Lakisha McGee the intent to vacate within 60 days, and the request for a security deposit refund within 30 days per the lease, Lakisha has not given my security deposit of $1,750 back in full. I initially requested to do a walk through with Lakisha prior to moving in and she never did one with me. I went to the home to look at everything and made notes and took pictures prior to moving in.

I told Lakisha McGee we needed to do a walk through and she never did one with me. She stated you did the walk through when you were there for 2 hours. I said that was for me to see what the condition of the home was like. It was also prior to me moving in.

I stated we were suppose to walk through together. She refused. Then after I got close to vacating I asked about the walk through. She said I can meet at 830a 04/01/2019.

I advised I cannot meet in the morning at all or afternoon, but I could at 530p. She stated no, and that she could meet 8am or 830a. I said I would not be able to meet in the morning time but I could meet 530p or 6p or anytime after 530p. She advised that if my stuff was not out by midnight of 03/31/2019 the locks would be changed at 8am 04/01/2019.

She also stated “you don’t have to meet me or do the walk through” and to just have my stuff out of her home. After I vacated, I did one last attempt to return the keys and garage door openers to her. She said she could not meet and would see if her husband could meet me. She never responded.

I left her keys and openers on the counter, sent pictures of this information, and no longer contacted her. I have pictures and the time stamps showing I was completely gone by midnight of 03/31/2019. I sent her pictures after I arrived at my new home so she would know her keys and openers were at her home, which I did not have to do. She never responded back to me about her husband meeting me.

In a text message dated 03/14/2019 0905a, Lakisha McGee stated “I have up to 30 days to refund your security deposit so if it’s not refunded by that 30th day, then reach out to me but of course we both know it will. But watch for the 30th day to ensure delivery by mail.” Lakisha McGee took $400 out of my $1,750 security deposit. She stated it was for the cost to remove the smell of moth balls. She stated she charged me $200 for removal of the carpet, $100 deep clean of the home to remove the moth ball odor, and $100 paint of the wall.

When the wall was painted pink, she gave me permission to paint the room. The walls were extremely filthy. And she said I could paint any color I wanted to and that if I needed her to purchase the paint she would. Of course she never did purchase the paint, I did.

The day she came over, I showed her the room I painted. She said it looked really good. She asked me to teach her daughter how to paint. I declined.

The moth balls were used as a method to keep the rats out of the house. Lakisha McGee was advised that she had pest control issues. There was rats in the home. There were snakes in the garage.

I have had to call animal control twice to remove the snakes. I even showed her pictures. There were rat turds in the closet. I paid $365.79 on rats traps, electric and manual, and moth balls.

This was used to prevent rats from taking over the house while my kids and myself lived there. 01/31/2019, Lakisha and her contractors came to the home because she was wanting to do upgrades in the home when my contract ended. I politely allowed her in. However the lease stated I did not have to allow her in the home unless repairs were being done.

After she left, she told me the moth balls had an unpleasant odor. I advised that I used them to keep the rats out, but I would remove them immediately. That day, all moth balls were completely removed. While living in her home, I never unpacked a lot of boxes because I was scared the rats would have hiding places if we lived as normal people live.

My kids and I couldn’t even sit on the floor out of fear. I have never in my life been scared to go to sleep at night with lights off. I could not even sleep through the night good. I had to help my daughter feel safe until she fell asleep, then I had to sleep with a bright light lamp on.

We lived in fear for a year. I have witnesses that can attest to the living conditions of this home. Even though backyard was full of trash when we moved in, and the patio deck was extremely unsafe to walk on. After I moved all my items out the home, the home was thoroughly cleaned.

I had a Dallas’s Police Officer and a witness walk through the home. No odor was present, and everything was in working condition. Lakisha McGee text me on 04/01/2019 and stated “my home looks very clean, thank you.” Then later she text me and said the microwave door was broken. But I advise the door was not broken when I vacated the property.

Then she tried to say the smell of moth balls was still present. I advised there was no smell when I vacated the property. Then she stated I didn’t paint the pink back to the original color. I advised that per the lease, any and all upgrades to the home are to remain.

I further advised that she never stated verbally, in the lease, or through text that I had to paint it back to the original color which was green. I also explained that I did not remove the brand new light fixtures in both bathrooms I purchased, the vents in all the 3 restrooms that were replaced and purchased by myself, the shower heads in both upstairs bathrooms I purchased, or the painting I did in the bedroom closet of the master bedroom, or downstairs and upstairs on all the doors that were extremely filthy, because the lease stated to leave all upgrades. I paid for the cost, out of pocket. The previous room walls and bathroom fixtures and shower heads were extremely nasty, rusted and disgusting to look at.

I didn’t want to get sick. Nor did I want my kids to get sick. Her guest bathroom had all kinds of trash under the cabinet which I have pictures of. The rats could’ve been living under there.

The board covering was missing. The master bathroom had a big split between the tub and the wall where you could see in between straight through the opening to the inside of the wall. The rats could have been living in that entry point. There was also *** in one of the guest bedrooms.

Her daughter even said in front of me when I mentioned to Lakisha McGee there was *** in the wall, “mom i told you about that hole in the wall a long time ago.” Lakisha made up charges to keep part of my security deposit. The charges are false and she is a dishonest realtor and an dishonest landlord.Lakisha works for Keller Williams located at 2010 N Hampton Rd Suite 300, DeSoto, TX. 75115. Keller Williams is a well known business.

I am appalled that a company would have an employee treat someone in this unprofessional manner. Lakisha McGee has no morals and the way she has conducted business is highly unethical. I would definitely not recommend Keller Williams to anyone to be treated this poorly by an employee such as Lakisha McGee. She is not a good business professional and she definitely should not be a landlord.

I am extremely disappointed in my business with her and I would give her a very dissatisfied if I could do a survey. Lakisha lied several times to me while leasing her home.

I would not wish the treatment she exhibited to me and my kids on anyone. The way she has spoken to me and cursed me is very unladylike and does not exhibit professionalism on any level.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keller Williams Realty Realtor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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