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In February of 2018, I sold my home of 14 years in Arlington, Texas. I used Lakisha McGee a Keller Williams Realtor in Dallas County.

I was behind on my home, being laid off from my job of 17 years and I thought selling my home was the best possible solution. Lakisha McGee advised she could help me sell the home and get the most value out of the sale to help me and my kids live, til I could find another job. The entire process of showing my home to potential buyers, Lakisha McGee ensured that because my house was so well kept up and because it looked like it was a new home I would get a really good amount for the sale. Lakisha McGee stated she would handle everything and that I could trust her.

She said she will get all the necessary information and told me I would have enough money to take care of my family til I found another job. She assured me this was her profession and she was great at what she did as a realtor. She stated to me in front of my kids, that she would handle everything. She had me call the mortgage company and give full permission for her to access my account for loan payoff, information etc.

I did as I was told. She was given full access as my realtor. Weeks passed by and Lakisha began asking me to do what she stated she would handle. I was told to call the mortgage company, ask for the payoff several times and to have them send it to her.

I was told to ask if the home was in foreclosure. I was told to have them fax the payoff to her on multiple occasions. I tried informing Lakisha McGee that she had full access to the account, but she still had me make the calls. Once we had 2 offers with the amounts requested, she had me to meet her and her ex husband at a restaurant, and began discussing details of the sale.

She mentioned to us both, that 1 offer was well over the asking price and that the buyer’s realtor disclosed that the buyer’s were approved for an amount well over the asking price and that she was not suppose to disclose that information. But she did. So Lakisha then negotiated with her ex husband what amount to ask for regarding my home. This was extremely unprofessional.

She had my personal information pulled up on her laptop at the table and basically negotiated the sale of my home with a third party not involved with her or Keller Williams. This was my personal business. I was extremely uncomfortable. Once the home was sold and I was coming close to the closing, she informed me that there was a second lien on my home and that I needed to call my mortgage company and get the information from them.

I asked Lakisha McGee what this meant because I was unaware of there being a second lien, and she stated just call your mortgage company they will explain. She showed no empathy and didn’t want to be bothered with explaining anything. So when I called the mortgage company they stated there was a second lien from getting a loan modification in the past. I advised Lakisha McGee that if I had known this early on or even during the middle part of this process, I would have stopped the sale.

I advised her that she assured me she would get all information and keep me abreast of all details. My whole thing was I wanted to make the best decision for my kids and myself, and this large amount being deducted from what she guaranteed I would walk away with, impacted my decision. I was extremely upset and confused and I did not feel she acted in my best interest as a realtor. This information should have been checked initially when she was checking the title information and when I gave her full access to speak on my behalf with the title company.

She acted unprofessional, and this was deceitful to tell me at the last minute about a second lien. I felt pressured into signing at closing and the title company (a gentleman) who had a close relation with her, stated during closing I know you were unaware of there being a second lien on your home. A lot of people are unaware. My realtor Lakisha McGee was deceitful, unprofessional, and showed no empathy at all.

It was as if she just wanted to hurry up sell, and get done with my deal. This is disheartening and it went against what her slogan under Keller Williams has under her picture..”CALL AND CONSIDER DONE.” A realtor should be someone you can trust. Not someone who takes advantage of your situation. I honestly question if somehow she took more money for herself.

I don’t trust the closing at all. As mentioned, she had a close relationship with the title company in Mansfield Texas and it makes no sense that the information wasn’t provided sooner, and that she failed to as she states, get the process done.

“Call and consider done” is a FALSE. If Lakisha McGee is a representation of Keller Williams and how Keller Williams does business, I will never use them again, and I will discourage anyone from ever doing business with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keller Williams Realty Realtor.

Reason of review: Realtor was untrustworthy and omitted important information during the sale of my home and she quit doing the leg work..

Monetary Loss: $30000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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