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1. Written by Buyer on April 26, 2012 From Bonita Springs, Florida, US

They must train their agents all over the US to be like the Dallas comments.

my husband & I went to an open house Sunday as we are in the market to buy a house in SWFL. We were treated terrible! We did not have on a suit and jewels to go out house searching! When we entered the house,the realtors, a man & woman, started asking immediately "do you have a boat?" Really, is this the first question that should be asked?

I don't think so.then, right away, they tried to say that the houses in that neighborhood was very large 3,200+ sf. Really, I don't call that VERY large. Yes, it is a nice size but come on. We knew right away that they thought we were out of our league.

The male realtor finally asked what my husband did for a living. My husband is a physician and, of course, he started being friendly! No, that's not the way we work!

I called the Keller Williams office today and the receptionist was of the same attitude as I was wanting to report these realtors as for their behavior. I decided to hang up and leave it alone as I will NEVER recommend them nor will I EVER purchase a home that they have listed in Naples, Florida!

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She's mean anyways. She discriminated me cause I was a college looking to be a real estate agent and she said I don't want to waste my time. She is nothing more than a low life who doesn't understand that some people are great sellers.

Patrick C.... We did not mind them knowing our occupations and whether or not if we had a boat, but please, don't let that be the first questions out of the mouth!!

I'm sure you obviously work or have connections to this real office!

And, I don't care. :grin
to pelican63 #756584

It's sales. Who cares.

You're not there to make friends. If you really want a particular house and it is within your means, buy it. They apparently are within means to lose a few deals as they don't care how they treat people.

That's their problem, but now you've made it your problem by dwelling on it. You should learn to let the small sshiiitt go


Asking if you had a boat and what you did for a living do not seem like odd questions to ask someone you just met at an open house! Additionally, if it wasn't out of your league, why do you care what they said to you? Just sayin'...


I actually called the office today to try and speak to the broker as I was a realtor in another state back a few years ago and I understand the process. But, when I started telling the receptionist about my experience, she got VERY defensive and I told her not to bother with giving me the broker's email address as it seemed it was the attitude of the entire office to treat potential clients very rudely!


Thanks so much for sharing your experience. RE agents are independent contractors and unfortunately professionalism, knowledge and experience varies widely from agent to agent regardless of the company they work with.

However, the general public does associate their unfortunate RE experiences with company names. I hope you will take your experience back to the company and speak with the company's Broker In Charge, or Market Center Administrator. The activities of an agent in the field is not monitored by the companies they work with.

The "weeding out" process continues. No body should feel that poor or bad services are acceptable on any level.

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