Southern California real estate agent Vicky Goorchenko (http://www.kw.com/kw/agent/vgoorchenko) is the worst I've ever encountered. She is untruthful, brash, insulting, and once you sign the sales contract with her, her sense of entitlement over your home-for-sale knows no bounds. Here is the list of things she did to us:

1. Told us to move out of our home or she couldn't sell it.

Truth: she wanted to use our home as her personal office.

2. Used a key to walk into our home at 9am without knocking! under the guise that she wanted to "place some candles inside."

Truth: She has no sense of decency.

3. Held a "Brokers' Open House" and never showed up. Told us more than 100 people showed up.

Truth: Our security cameras showed 12 people...mostly neighbors...walked into the house.

4. Wanted to "Stage" our house. Then took toothbrushes and under personal items and put them in and under the toilet.

5. Told a house guest that he was to move out immediately.

Truth: She didn't want him there because she was entering the house without clients or appointments. Why? Who knows.

6. Constantly worked against us in the pricing of the home, telling us to lower the price.

7. Told our house guest that he had to help her move some items in the house. When he refused because he had to leave, she threw a temper tantrum.

8. My husband works nights. She ordered me to wake him up at 10am so she could talk to him. I refused...she threw another temper tantrum.

9. During a "walk-through" with a client, Goorchenko was seen on security cameras opening person drawers and cabinets. Why?

Some of the things that came out of this woman's mouth are indescribable. Our children took to calling her "The Troll." We couldn't chastise them...how could we when they were right?

In the end, another real estate agent sold our home, and Vicky Goorchenko took the credit. Then, she forced a 30 day escrow so she could get her money sooner. Who does a 30 day escrow? 60 day is the norm.

Yes, we tried to get out of the contract with her but our lawyer said it would cost us thousands of dollars. Our lawyer was shocked at the items in the contract.

I could go on...but it's very plain: If you live in Southern California, DO NOT HIRE THIS WOMAN TO SELL YOUR HOME.

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I have found many Realtors have no real knowledge of property just sell it and move on.Not all are bad same as every other business out there.If this is true about this lady now that I closed I would go out of my way to give her a some much needed anxiety

Boise, Idaho, United States #797455

One thing a lot of people don't know about Real Estate Agents is what it takes to become one. You take a two part course over the period of about 2 months (give or take depending on whether it's a multi-day-a-week class or a 1-day-a-week class).

You must pass two modules (these cover National Rules and Regulations ONLY). Once that's done you have to take the Real Estate exam which covers national and state regulations (note the classes were only on national so they get to read the book for state regulations). Assuming you pass that you then find a real estate office, Keller Williams, Re-Max, whatever, and become an agent for them at which point you can now sell houses and find buyers for houses.

Notice something? No training on how to BE an agent.

What to do, what to say, how to interact, show homes, sell homes, marketing. NOTHING! It's sad but in most states so long as you're over 18, have not committed a felony, and have a high school degree, you can get a realtor license. But you have NO CLUE how to be one.

This applies to all real estate agents from all brokerages(companies). Most companies don't bother to train them either. they just slap their wrists when they do something wrong or fire them. To my knowledge Keller Williams and Century 21 (I don't know about the all the others, only who I've worked for or dealt with.) have training programs that teach them how to BE a realtor.

Unfortunately it's NOT required. This is why agents like this exist that are pushy, rude and know very little to nothing.

Just saying don't blame the company. Blame the person as they didn't take the steps to find out how to be a good agent before becoming an agent.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #778566

This One does not wonder why.

It sounds like the agent was able to get her house sold, in spite of the seller.

No doubt this agent had the patience of Joeb.

Whittier, California, United States #771353

One cannot help but wonder why no complaint was filed, either to the Broker of Record, or to the California State Bureau of Real Estate?

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