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Dear nameless, though we both know who you are. This is Jolie Leydekkers.

I would STRONGLY advise that you reconsider accusing me of 'altering documents' unless you would like a cease and desist letter from my attorney. That is a serious claim and 100% inaccurate. In fact, my client even contacted my broker directly.... WHICH WE HAVE IN WRITING (so not only do you look like a fool now after all this, but we have the proof to verify which can put you in hot LEGAL water) to say that it was HER decision to require (and write on HER counter) that you cross qualify with our lender AFTER you REFUSED to cooperate with a DU request (even just page 1 of DU showing the decision) from your lender which by the way, your BRAND NEW AGENT didn't even know what it was.

Your lender however, was in full agreement and even said you were 'highly difficult' to work with and the type to 'go around and complain'.

I did not work for you (thank god), I worked for my client who was the SELLER. I acted according to THEIR wishes, not yours. I am sorry you didn't get the counter you wanted, chose to rather than work with them...

but be difficult and try to call the shots, and that you feel better about yourself trying to be a miserable and negative person spreading fictitious and accusatory claims. IF you recall, my CLIENT gave you several counters and options, none that were 'acceptable' to you and with a home in demand with multiple offers, that in itself was just foolish. Again, I do not and did not work for you. I did my job and provided excellent service to my CLIENT who praised me to the broker.

You essentially had a brand new agent who ill advised you and didn't get a counter or acceptance that you liked, which has NOTHING to do with me. I am but the messenger. The seller is who you should have been upset with as it was THEIR CHOICE.

As a top producing realtor year after year, previous manager and trainer of new agents, award winning realtor with a PERFECT record with all MY CLIENTS....your review means nothing to me. My results, my clients, my awards, and my numbers speak the TRUTH.

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Selah, Washington, United States #973498

My goodness, Ms. Leydekkers, your rant does you no favors.

To the casual observer you appear unprofessional, petty and much too eager to defend yourself. Demeaning a novice agent seems beneath the lofty pedestal upon which you place yourself.

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