We have thought about writing this review for a couple of months and we feel it is important for other potential clients to hear our complaint. First off, we went to KW directly with our complaint and they chose to do nothing except send us a box of fruit "to make it up to us" as they said.

We gave them a chance to make this wrong right but they chose not to and so we feel this review was the right thing to do. The person who handles complaints at the KW main office in Houston also chose not to follow up with us or even acknowledge our complaint and it was instead directed to Cindy at the Woodlands office- she's the one who sent the fruit which was a complete insult after what we had been through. Besides hiccups along the way, which included KW sending the buyers over to our house without our knowledge asking to come in and take measurements weeks before closing, the most frustrating and upsetting thing was that we were told at closing that we actually didn't even need to be there. That we could have closed by mail.

Let us explain, husband was working in another state while wife stayed behind with kids in school. We did not want to have to travel back and forth for closing so we stayed behind. Husband paid $800 for a ticket to get to closing, then night before closing we were told closing time, which was supposed to have been first thing in the morning since we had to drive to another state, was not happening and KW didn't actually have a time for us. Well, we had already moved out of our house since closing had been scheduled already.

So we sit around all day in an empty house waiting with 3 cranky kids. Then at the last minute of 5pm, we are called to come in to the office for closing. KW did not offer to accommodate us in any way. Since it was late when we finished we had to get a hotel room.

When we complained about having to get a hotel due to the screw up, our realtor Jon's response was, I told you that you can stay in your house. What he failed to understand was that we had no furniture in the house and we were moved out since closing was supposed to have been first thing in the morning not 6pm at night! The buyers didn't even close that day they closed the following day and we asked about the contract since closing didn't actually happen on the scheduled day and were hoping that because of that that we could be relieved of some of the extra expenses we incurred because of the screw up with KW. But no, our realtor told us that time was not of the essence and it didn't matter that we didn't close on the scheduled date.

It was then during closing our realtor Jon informed us of the close by mail option. We were very upset about that. My husband had specifically asked Jon if we had mail out options to begin with and Jon told him that he had to be there. Jon then explained during closing that you don't get your money right away with mail out option, which didn't matter to us, but we gathered it did matter to Jon which is why he didn't allow us the option.

Yes, KW sold our home but they sold it to buyers who already wanted our home and we knew that before KW even listed our home. My husband lost more time from work, the extra expenses incurred and worst of all knowing that we could have been together as a family that entire time hurts.

We feel this company is very unethical in their practices and if we could do it again, we would have never hired them. Warning to all, if they screw up majorly, they will send you some fruit.

Review about: Keller Williams Realty Realtor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If they already wanted your home then why did you use Kw? You sound whinny and selling a house can get messy sometimes and you can and will face inconvenience. Your house sold and you cry get over it little baby.


I understand your pain, but would you have really trusted these people to get the job (closing) completed if you were NOT there? My last home I moved 2200 miles away and the entire sale was handled via email, telephone and fax.

At this time, with a Keller Williams listing agent (and a Keller Williams buyer's agent -- double whammy!), I would never leave the area until all documents are executed and I have my money firmly in hand. I do not trust KW agents to get ANYTHING done correctly!!

Everett, Washington, United States #927491

Which Keller Williams Realty was this? Was it the Keller Williams Woodland or Keller Williams Houston ? We will make sure to let our friends down there know to avoid KW in that area!

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