Kristen Williams was the buyer agent on a house I was selling at 500 E. 41st.

The house listed for $435k but she advised her client to offer $30k above asking with seemingly no intent to actually enter into the contract in good faith. First she purposefully or accidentally (either way it shows bad practice) put in the wrong date on the effective date of the contract. She meant to have her client enter the contract on 4/8/14 and put put in 4/17/14. She then asked if I could reduce the price after inspection by $20k.

I offered to reduce it by $15k but they terminated a day AFTER the option period, claiming the 4/7/14 date was a mistake. I think they had no intent to purchase the house and wanted to take it off the market and then didn't decide to not take my counter offer of $15k until after the option period and tried to tell us it was a mistake on the date. This agent should be penalized or completely unlicensed in my opinion.

it shows bad business practice and in the best case, negligence in attention to detail. I intend to report her to the austin board of realtors.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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